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 *     Copyright (c) by Barak Pearlmutter and Kevin Lang, 1987-99.    *
 *     Copyright (c) by Alex Stuebinger, 1998-99.                     *
 *     Distributed under the GNU General Public License v2 or later   *


#include "config.h"
#include "gc.h"
#include "data.h"

extern int max_segment_size;

/* flushed stack segment.  Allocated and gc'ed in the oaklisp heap. */

typedef struct
    /* Do not rearange this structure or you'll be sorry! */
    ref_t type_field;
    ref_t length_field;
    ref_t previous_segment;
    ref_t data[1];

#define SEGMENT_HEADER_LENGTH (sizeof(segment_t)/sizeof(ref_t)-1)

/* stack type */

typedef struct
    int size;                 /* size of stack buffer */
    int filltarget;           /* how high to fill buffer ideally */
    ref_t *bp;                /* pointer to this stack's "buffer" */
    ref_t *sp;                /* pointer to top element in stack */
    ref_t segment;            /* head of linked list of flushed segments */
    int pushed_count;         /* number of ref's in flushed segment list */

extern stack_t value_stack;
extern stack_t context_stack;

extern void init_stacks(void);
extern void stack_flush(stack_t * stack_p, int amount_to_leave);
extern void stack_unflush(stack_t * stack_p, int n);
extern void dump_stack(stack_t * stack_p);


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